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The Other Side Of Having

Mick Mally encompasses the tensions of error and truth by fashioning them, as any good wordsmith can, into rhyme.

Mick Mally speaks in a strong, clear voice. His poems are honest expressions of honest emotions presented in traditional styles. He is sharing with us his perceptions of being a male human being in this most difficult time. We are honored and must listen and be touched.

~ Lucille Clifton, Poet Laureate and

Nominated twice for the Pulitzer Prize for poetry


you are so God damn confident and i am so unsure
i know i’ve done two thousand wrongs and you – you’re almost pure
i watch you play your head games with all your pretty friends
and i’m here to call when you are down or when your ‘game time’ ends.

i guess because i’m older, i want what’s right for you,
so touch me with your smiles my love, and do the things you do….

.mick mally the other side of having



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About Mick

Author Mick Mally is somewhat of a paradox. To most he’s outgoing, friendly, extroverted… a ‘people person’. To the few who know him, he’s an introspective scarred bronze star recipient. He’s sensitive, cares deeply for the less fortunate, and almost to a fault, the welfare of all living creatures.

mick mally



the other side of having