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American Poet, Poetry, Emotion, Truth, Mick Mally,
Lucille Clifton, Strong, Clear, Pulitzer, Love

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come my long lost children take a trip with me
we’ll travel to a distant land of mediocrity
a world we can reside in with  beauty all its own
a transformation you can make if the way is shown.
that land of ‘good and plenty’ but yet not quite enough –
a place where new horizons offer far too much.
when it’s time to stop and rest, we’ll sit  and talk awhile
for soon we shall be up and off to walk our final miles…

we’ll count the stars in God’s great heaven,
the pearls beneath His sea
we’ll contemplate existence,
then solve man’s destiny.
when our trip is ended we’ll stop to take a knee
and thank the unknown origin of mediocrity.

so turn to me whenever you’re searching for a friend,
share with me if ever you reach your journey’s end,
and all along life’s troubled way, no matter when or where,
look out from shadowed darkness –
to see me standing there…




Twilight shadows beckon me –
“come live a life of look and see”,
of happy thoughts and lasting care,
tender moments two hearts share.

Once again the time draws near –
abandon “hurt” forget all fear and
anxiously walk forth with me

into my world of “look and see”…

we’ll dance through seasons, one by one –
winter snows, summer suns,
sharing laughter, you and i,
running footsteps - soon to fly.
mysteries entrance the mind,
together we shall search and find
time’s ‘fabled lock’ – it’s ‘golden key’

somewhere within our  “look and see”…

dreams and wishes – make believe
starry skies, autumn leaves,
noble castles in a glen,
treasure at your rainbow’s end,
children songs are in the air,
bells are ringing everywhere
above “you’ll have to prove to me”

explodes life’s “look and see”…

no tomorrow, just today.
a hurtles, workless, timeless way,
to live and firmly understand
the fortunes of this blessed land –
a land where all that’s good is free:

my special world of “look and see”.