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The Other Side of Having - 5 STAR REVIEWS


Beautiful, inspiring, loving, sexy view. Love it. 5 Stars ~Yelena


By ALazrison January 9, 2015
I thoroughly enjoyed this beautiful collection of emotional and moving poems.
By Michael Oremon January 9, 2015
Amazing poetry from an amazing author. Micks depth and prose are truely outstanding. A must read for any lover of poetry.
By Karen L. Smithon January 2, 2015
I read almost half of it on my Niece's kindle . I find it truly emotion filled and touching to the core. i would recommend this book to everyone. This book is without a doubt awesome. You can tell the author Mick Mally poured his heart and soul into this.
By Tara Jensenon December 30, 2014
Heart felt and touching writing from a gifted author and an honest soul.
By Marjorie Busson November 24, 2014
Beautifully written poetry revealing the inner thoughts, conflicts, and emotions of the author - things we've all experienced during our journey through life .His poems evoke memories and stimulate similar feelings within the reader.
By Lakia Sharekon November 23, 2014
Mick Mally pours his emotions onto the page and stirs the emotions of the reader. He takes pain, relatable by all and turns it into something beautiful and moving. I was especially touched by "Ode to a soon Distant Daughter." Additionally, "One Penny Road" caught my attention. All together lovely poetry!
By Marilyn May Hudsonon November 15, 2014
None of us must ever forget our love and our pain I am deeply impressed by this man's poetry. In his works he displays a wealth of loving and living. Along with the pain of a man who served his country and suffered loss during a very difficult time in our history. Mick is a man of our time who has lived life to the fullest. None of us must ever forget our love and our pain. It is what makes us human. I am especially fond of "Ode To A Soon Distant Daughter". When a man writes his feelings as Mick has done, he adds a richness to all our lives.
By Carol Lautenschlaegeron November 5, 2014
Sensitive side of the Mick I know, and not at all surprising. Quite concise and at the same time tender and moving. Not a fan of poetry, but certainly one of Mick and his style.
By Elenaon November 3, 2014
Mick Mally has somehow written “travel back in time Poetry”. You read the first line or two of any Poem – and you recall someone in your Past. As it turned out “The Other Side of Having” made me realize how much I have.
Thank You from Virginia!
By Kindle Customer on October 30, 2014
Each poem truely made me feel something. Mick writes with such passion that comes through in his short but concise poems. He has a great way with words. I never knew I liked poetry. Now I know I do.


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